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The Chosen

Prop Design

1st Stage

Sept-Oct 2023

Written by Aaron Posner & Chaim Potok

Director: Alex Levy

Scenic Design: Nadir Bey

Costume Design: Rakell Foye

Lighting Design: William D'Eugenio

Sound Design/Composer: Ethan Balis

Dialect Coach: Jane Margulies Kalbfeld

Intimacy Coordinator: Lorraine Slone

Stage Manager: Sarah Usary

Assistant Stage Manager: Luís Ramon Córdovez

Production Manager: Emily Wall

Photography: Ryan Maxwell


Ethan Miller as Reuven Malter

Jacob Pelzman-Kern as Daniel Saunders

Zach Brewster-Geisz as David Malter

Sasha Olinick as Reb Saunders

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